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Verifications for the highest compliance needs

Identity verification for national ID and passports

Verify Identities and Addresses

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology: OCR, liveness detection and facial recognition for fast and accurate verification.

Fractal ID offers comprehensive AML checks - national and international sanctions list, PEP check.

AML Check

Comprehensive checks against national and international sanctions and PEP lists.

Source-of-Wealth check as enhanced due diligence on your users.


Thorough document checks to assure legitimacy of wealth.

Wallet Check

Assessment of money laundering risk tied to crypto wallets for exhaustive fraud prevention.

Video Identification

Fulfilling highest compliance requirements with multi-language support to assure conversion.

Flexible Reporting that puts you in control

Flexible Reporting that puts you in control

Dashboard containing all information about your funnel and user details in one place.

Unified and consistent across all data sources - no more manual reconciliation of different formats and definitions.

API and Webhooks for instant updates on verification status.

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Reporting Dashboard of Fractal ID showing your onboarding funnel and verification status

Recommended setups suited to your needs

Proof of Address

Accepted Proof of Address are documents no older than 3 months and issued by:

Public authorities (e.g. tax reports, residency certificates);
Banks & insurance companies (e.g. bank account statements, credit reports, credit card statements, insurance statements);
Utility companies (e.g. gas, water, electric, landline phone, cable TV bill).

AML Check

Checks against sanctions list, PEP lists, counter-terrorism and anti-money-laundering lists.

Wallet Check

Risk scores and alerts in relation to suspicious transactions in connection with given crypto wallet address

Video Identification

Following the guidelines of the German BaFin

Personal ID Verification

Selfie or Liveness detection to validate national ID, passport.


Assessment of a user's financial position and how it was generate through corresponding proof documentation.

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Who has access to my data?

You are always in control of who has access to your information. Before we share your data with anyone, we will ask for your consent. You can always see whom you have given permission to by checking

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Will I receive emails or other communication from Fractal?

Fractal will send you an email with a secret keyphrase known only to you and Fractal - this keyphrase will be present in all emails from us, so you know you are safe. You will also receive updates you on your verification status via email, and our support team may reach out with additional questions regarding the information you provided.

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