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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive emails or other communication from Fractal?

Fractal will send you an email with a secret keyphrase known only to you and Fractal - this keyphrase will be present in all emails from us, so you know you are safe. You will also receive updates you on your verification status via email, and our support team may reach out with additional questions regarding the information you provided.

Who has access to my data?

You are always in control of who has access to your information. Before we share your data with anyone, we will ask for your consent. You can always see whom you have given permission to by checking fractal.id/authorizations.

Is Fractal compliant with the GDPR?

We consider compliance with the GDPR and protection of personal data as top priorities. We encrypt all sensitive data and have implemented state of the art security processes to protect your information. We also require anyone using Fractal ID to comply with the GDPR. You can find the relevant information about our data processors and other information in our Privacy Policy, and you can email support@fractal.id for GDPR-related requests.

Who is Fractal and what is Fractal ID?

Fractal is a Berlin-based company building a software for identity verification services - that software is Fractal ID. Fractal ID is used by companies who have to confirm that their customers are who they say they are before offering services to them, because they are bound by laws and anti-money-laundering regulations.

How long does Fractal store my data?

We store data only as long as is needed by anti-money laundering regulations, which often means it is stored for 5 years after someone’s last transaction with a company subject to AML regulations that is Fractal ID enabled.

How can I check or edit what information is stored about me?

You can always see and correct what information you submitted to us - simply log in to Fractal ID and you will find all information to “My Data.”

Is Fractal ID compliant with my country’s AML laws?

Fractal ID is designed based on extremely high international and national AML regulatory standards and has a team of legal and compliance professionals constantly monitoring Fractal ID and updating it according to the very latest regulatory developments. However, Fractal cannot confirm your own company’s compliance requirements, only you and your compliance professionals can do so. Our team is happy to provide you the answers you need to assess whether Fractal ID is a good fit for you - get in touch at sales@trustfractal.com.

Can Fractal ID verify businesses?

Fractal ID is capable of performing Know Your Business (KYB) by checking company records, completing an AML check on the business, and determining and verifying the identity of beneficial owners and directors of a business.

Can Fractal ID be used by AML obliged entities?

From its very inception, Fractal ID was designed and developed to meet the strict verification needs of AML obliged entities. We have specially trained staff standing by to ensure that the special needs and instructions of AML obliged entities can be discussed and addressed - reach out to sales@trustfractal.com to start the conversation.

Does Fractal check for Politically Exposed Persons and Individuals from High Risk Jurisdictions?

Fractal ID is capable of checking for Politically Exposed Persons and Individuals from High Risk Jurisdictions. Depending on your compliance needs, Fractal ID can either reject these people or run further enhanced verification methods to measure their suitability to participate in your services so that you can have a truly global user base.

What happens if there are problems with a verification?

If you make a mistake when providing your information or upload a blurry picture, our support will reach out to you to ask for clarification and provide guidance on what is needed to successfully identify you. You can always correct the data you submitted by logging in to Fractal ID and updating your information under "My Data."

Where can I find the documentation for integrating Fractal ID?

All documentation for Fractal ID is available on Gitbook.

Does Fractal ID have a sandbox environment?

Yes, you can use our sandbox environment to try out how to integrate Fractal ID. To get started, simply go to developer.next.fractal.id

How can I receive the results of the verifications?

You can do this through our admin dashboard as well as our API. We also support webhooks for real-time updates on user verification status. All documentation os available at https://developer.fractal.id/.

Question about your verification?

Contact support at support@fractal.id

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